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Clear Dental Braces

Having the perfect smile is about getting every aspect of your dental care right. We can help you reach your goal by combining individual treatments from our range to give you a full smile makeover.

How does clear braces Work?

We fit transparent brackets to your teeth and use white, tooth coloured wires so that the braces are very discrete. Most people will be unable to tell that you are wearing clear braces. With clear braces we can achieve very fast results as we focus on moving your front 6 to 8 teeth which are the teeth that are normally seen when you talk and smile. Once the clear braces are on your teeth they work in a similar way to any other fixed braces by gently applying pressure to your teeth to guide them into position.

How is clear braces at Perfect smile clinic different to other similar systems?

High quality brackets are used to ensure that not only do the braces look very discreet but are also very comfortable.  To make sure that you will continue to smile with confidence after the treatment, included in the cost is a fixed retainer in addition to your removable retainers.

How long does clear braces take?

To get your straight smile, it can take between only 4 – 24 weeks, depending on the complexity of tooth movement required.

Here at Clear Dental Brace, we are always using the latest techniques and systems to help our patients get the smile they have always wanted.